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Custom Video

Custom Video

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This product is used to request a custom video.
Please send an e-mail with your idea to If it is approved, order the first option to place your deposit.

: BIG Officer Bear and BearTamer, our recurring guest star.

About us: I am ROUGH and VERY verbal. We begin our videos with a theme such as a wrestling hold or type of bondage, then improvise from there. All the pain and shock you see in our videos is genuine because we use this approach.

As a Master, I specialize in:
  • Bondage (leather-based)
  • Domination
  • Wrestling
  • Edging / Denial / Chastity
  • CBT
  • Squashing / Trampling
  • Facesitting / Smothering
  • Pits and musk
Production: We'll reply to your pitch with a paraphrased revision to ensure that we understand you 100%. If you approve our edits, we'll accept your request, order equipment, and begin as soon as everything arrives. Equipment costs are automatically factored into the price. We accept the best pitches that align with our specialties. Great pitches have a clear theme, are specific about inclusions, and have a modest scope.

Example Pitch:
"I would like a wrestling and BDSM themed video where you string a sub up with chains and bearhug him. The sub should wear an old-school athletic jock, long socks, and be gagged. You should wear a black mask, gloves, and assless gear. Make it hurt."
- Pitch for "Bearhug Torture"
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