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Von Roadhog ins Gesicht gefickt

Von Roadhog ins Gesicht gefickt

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Ein hilfloser Junge wird von Roadhog gefesselt und gefoltert, während er sein Gesicht mit seinen verschwitzten Achseln und seinem dreckigen Arsch erstickt und dann seinen schlaffen Körper ins Gesicht fickt. Mehrere Fanwünsche werden erfüllt, darunter Stinkfaces und 21+ Tage keine Duschen vor der Aufnahme.

  • Roadhog-Rollenspiel
  • Extremes Squashing mit vollem Gewicht (5'9 315+lbs)
  • Kettenbondage
  • Facesitting mit nacktem Hintern
  • Nonstop-Stinkfaces (Po-Smothering)
  • Trampling mit Stiefeln
  • Würgen, Würgen, Atemkontrolle
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
BoB fan

Great video. Awesome watching Roadhog smothering his opponent - especially loved seeing those mighty arms wrapped around the jobber's head trapping his face in Roadhog's armpit, But can't beat the scenes where the jobber's face is wedged into Roadhog's beautiul meaty ass!


This MASTER is extremely cool. Great how he ties his slave, the extreme force with which he presses the slave's face into his armpits and the slave can only breathe the smell.
How brutally the master presses his boot onto the body and the slave has no chance.
With what ease he shoulders his slave.
He puts the chain around the slave's neck and strangles him with it. Super.
I think it's really cool how he squeezes the slave under his body weight and tortures him really hard !!!!!!!! The MASTER also holds the slave's mouth and nose shut so that the slave cannot breathe.
I wish the MASTER would treat me like that too.
The best and that is not a game how he brutally chokes his slave with his hands and sits down on the face with his ass and full body weight. The slave can no longer breathe and is wriggling and gasping for air under this MASSIVE MASTER !!!!!!!!!
Always cool how the master throws himself on the slave, you can see how the poor slave suffers. And then again and again these strangleholdings. Then he also presses his stinking bump full into his face. The poor slave gets a metal ring around his neck with a chain on it, and then the MASTER facesitting again and pulls the chain so that the slave's face really fits into him MASTER ASS is pushed in. it cannot be overlooked how the MASTER enjoys it.
It is also very good how the slave is fucked extremely brutally in the mouth by the MASTER.
The MASTER is VIOLENT and BRUAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MASTER, I would also be very happy to be at your disposal for videos.

Total Ass Sniffing Heaven!

OMG, this video is so hot, total domination and humiliation, especially the ass in face, facesitting and smothering! TOTAL HEAVEN for ass sniffers! You are a facesitting GOD! And I love your cock and jackoff scene too, so hot! I love your big ass bent over and on all fours, and the hottest is when you press your ass against his face, he is trapped as you rub your bent over ass crack on his face, his nose deep in your crack! SO HOT! I would love to sniff your ass for hours!

Niall Vockins

I’d take a stinkface from you any day!

Best Officer

Jesus, that was so hot. You resemble Roadhog so much and the way you smothered him with your big, fat ass was so lovely. First time I saw you smothering a boy with your sweaty 'pits, too. Man, I wish that was me. Everything from your 'pits, boots, feet, all the way to your ass is perfect. I hope to see more from you.

scent-tilating video

So awesome I was holding on my pole all the time while taking a big deep breath. Got me excited seeing your unleashed boots. I thought I would be seeing those big paws of yours. Maybe on the next video. Thank you


Excellent, love it when u rub your ass and dick on that twink. I really really wanna see more wedgies like you giving that twink wedgies in tigthy whities. If you can make more vids that would be great

Glad you loved it. There will be even more wedgies in the future fo'sure.

Nicholas D Ficarra

Facefucked by Roadhog

thierry bartalucci

love it ass sniffing

*SNORT* ♨️


Damnn I wish it was me you were suffocating Drooling faceDrooling face